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Join our Film Club!

The Edinburgh Cine and Video Society welcomes all film enthusiasts to join our film club. We appreciate both digital and analog film-making and are committed to supporting amateur filmmakers. As a member, you will have access to our film screenings and events as well as opportunities to showcase your own films.



What We Offer

    Our film club offers a welcoming and supportive community for all film enthusiasts. We host regular film screenings and events, featuring a variety of genres and styles of film-making. In addition, we offer opportunities for members to showcase their own films and receive feedback from other members. As a member, you will also have access to our film-making resources, including workshops and equipment rental.
    We are committed to fostering a love and appreciation for film-making and film history. Our club offers a space for members to engage in thoughtful discussions about film and to learn from one another. Join us and become a part of our community of film lovers.

Who We Are Looking For

    We are looking for individuals who are passionate about film and committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive community. Previous experience in film-making is not required, but a willingness to learn and collaborate with others is essential. We welcome members of all ages and backgrounds.
    To become a member, simply fill out our online application form and pay the annual membership fee. As a member, you will have access to all of our film screenings, events, and resources. Join us and become a part of our vibrant community of film lovers!
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